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A New Path for Changing Your Life by Healing Your Mind

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By Michael R. Kandle, Psy.D.

“The premise of the book is solid: we can find inner wisdom and become our own healers. What is more, Kandle goes beyond theory, showing you how to do it.” Lucia Capacchione, Ph.D., Art Therapist and Author

Whole Mind Healing introduces a groundbreaking method for personal transformation that takes readers beyond a self-help experience into a much deeper self-healing experience. Readers will not only learn how their minds and hearts can heal but will learn how to do this for themselves.

The self-healing process presented in Whole Mind Healing combines three essential elements:

  1. detailed explanation of the healing process.
  2. an introduction to a large family of sub-personalities in the subconscious and
  3. a two-handed writing technique that gives individuals direct access to their sub-personalities in order to have healing dialogues with them. This literally puts the power and control over self-healing into an individual’s own two hands.

The effectiveness of the Whole Mind Healing method relies on taking full advantage of the brain’s neuroplasticity. By learning how to have loving dialogues with and between the mind’s sub-personalities, individuals discover how to heal patterns of thinking and emotion at the deepest levels of the subconscious.

This process is analogous to removing invasive weeds from a neglected garden and planting new seeds for more beautiful and healthy growth. In the case of a distressed mind, the weeds of toxic beliefs, judgments, shame and self-loathing become replaced with seeds of compassion, understanding, acceptance, and wholeness.

Readers will discover how to identify internal conflicts and divisions in their minds and learn how to transform these into cooperative partnerships. Using two-handed writing, they will orchestrate loving, internal dialogues, bringing together the left and right hemispheres of the brain, the rational and emotional functions of the mind, the conscious and the subconscious levels of awareness, and the entire family of sub-personalities. As the whole mind experiences this deep healing, the mind becomes whole. And, with a healthy mind, the doors are opened to a healthier and more rewarding life.



“With Whole Mind Healing, Dr. Michael Kandle gives readers something no other psychologist has: An accessible roadmap to uncovering your sub-conscious. By naming the characters of our inner world, such as Judge, Rebel, and Romantic, Dr. Kandle clarifies the sources of painful inner conflict and troublesome interpersonal strife. Best of all, Whole Mind Healing provides a step-by-step process for conversing with and making peace among these conflicting dimensions of ourselves. Kandle shares his learned and lucid method for reconciling differences among these powerful inner voices and achieving harmony in our relationships. For anyone looking to improve their quality of life–from the inside out–Kandle’s book is a triumph of clarity.”

Chris Thurber, Ph.D.

“The premise of the book is solid: We can find inner wisdom and become our own healers.  What is more, Kandle goes beyond theory, showing you how to do it.”

–  Lucia Capacchione, Ph.D.  Art therapist and author

“This book is powerful. It echoes a reality that we all know deep inside but seldom recognize and have never previously given voice.’ “Whole Mind Healing” has opened all of me to recognize a path toward balance and healing, health and wholeness. I hope that all of you are brave enough to take this journey, as well. Thank you, Dr. Kandle, for showing us the way.”

Benjamin Garber, Ph.D.

Whole Mind Healing is the whole package when it comes to emotional healing. Throughout the book, Dr. Kandle provides the reader with an easily accessible way to understand the nature of the human mind, how it gets broken, and how to gently piece it back together. Using his decades of experience in his psychotherapy practice, he guides the reader to discover the root of healing – loving dialogues with your “self” and others. These “Peace Talks” reach deep into the subconscious to bring awareness, understanding, appreciation and healing to the many sub-personalities we all have in our minds. His two-handed writing method makes it possible for the reader to become their own therapist, and is also an excellent tool for therapists to offer their clients. Those in need of healing, and those in the helping profession will surely benefit from this tender and effective approach to self-compassion.

  Laura Prescott, MS, Mental Health Counseling & Marriage, Couples & Family Therapy 

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