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After dealing with major depression for almost 20 years, I was initially very skeptical about the two handed writing session and the possibility of getting any relief. But since I was so uncomfortable and had not found anything else that seemed to work, I gave it a try. I was surprised to find that it […]


When I saw how readily Dr. Kandle understood and appreciated the paradoxes that I have struggled with, I knew I had the right guy. He taught me how to ask questions of myself that I had no idea I knew the answer to. Using his techniques, we were able to make rapid and steady progress. […]


I was skeptical of the two-handed method when I first used it, but subsequently I have found that is the fastest method to filter out conscious barriers and tap into my underlying motivations.


I am really impressed about using the two-handed writing. It has actually put me in contact with my inner child and had been very beneficial to me. We have whole conversations and I find myself being patient with my inner child, offering non-judgmental advice that I would never have thought of otherwise. I even showed […]

~Dr. Malcolm Smith

Dr. Kandle’s methods were very effective during a time in my life when I had a “perfect storm” of crisis surrounding me. Through the skillful use of sub-selves, I was able to gently understand the inner family relationships that were tearing me apart and to embrace them.

~Beyond grateful, LL

Several years ago, I had a sudden and unsettling experience that shook me to my core…and it happened inside my own head. I was instantly terrified and had no idea what to do. Thankfully, I was introduced to Dr. Michael Kandle. Dr. Kandle provided reassurance as he listened to my story. After a few sessions, […]

~J.F. Tucson, Arizona

At age 40 I found myself desperately needing to reconcile my abusive past with the life I was leading. I had tried traditional talk therapy, but was a little too good at talking and not very good at feeling. It became evident to me that I needed a different process. Dr. Kandle was the right […]

~J.K. Barrington, NH

After coming to a hard stop without being able to get myself going again, Dr. Kandle introduced me to a means whereby I was able to communicate, explore, and learn from myself in a manner that was immediately helpful. It was the practice of two-handed writing. It offered the promise of feeling awkward at first, […]

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