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~Beyond grateful, LL

Several years ago, I had a sudden and unsettling experience that shook me to my core…and it happened inside my own head. I was instantly terrified and had no idea what to do. Thankfully, I was introduced to Dr. Michael Kandle. Dr. Kandle provided reassurance as he listened to my story. After a few sessions, he gently explained the theory behind a two-hand writing exercise and led me through the process. The first time I wrote to my “heart” with my right hand, I was absolutely stunned by what poured out of my left hand. It was instant access to my subconscious mind that had been neglected for my most of my life. Over the next few months, I discovered my relentless “judge”, my insecure “cynic”, my immature “rebel”, and eventually my sweet “nurturer” and capable “healer.” The process led me to discover repressed post-traumatic stress, previously unknown fears and much inwardly directed anger and judgment. Dr. Kandle’s approach made it safe for me to approach my inner family, explore their thoughts and feelings, and taught me how to nurture a tender soul that needed attention. For years after my counseling ended, whenever I was feeling unmanageable stress, I used the two-hand writing on my own to uncover the true source of my angst. It is an understatement to say that I am forever grateful to Dr. Kandle. I encourage you to use the Find Peace of Mind system so that you are able to connect your mind with your soul, and I hope that you, too, find long-lasting peace of mind.

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