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~J.F. Tucson, Arizona

At age 40 I found myself desperately needing to reconcile my abusive past with the life I was leading. I had tried traditional talk therapy, but was a little too good at talking and not very good at feeling. It became evident to me that I needed a different process. Dr. Kandle was the right person at the right time with the right process. When he first suggested that I get a notebook, colored pens, and be ready to write with my non-dominant hand, I rolled my eyes (to myself). Seriously? But I was in emotional pain and I was willing to do just about anything – even that. And so I entered into one of the most transformative experiences of my life. By accessing my inner family, I was able to bring those different parts of me to a place of reconciliation, I was able to integrate them. Today I do not suffer from the effects of PTSD. Through my work with Dr. Kandle, I have a full life and I no longer have a fractured inner self. I am whole.

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