~J.K. Barrington, NH | Dr Michael R. Kandle, Psy.D. | drkandle.com

~J.K. Barrington, NH

After coming to a hard stop without being able to get myself going again, Dr. Kandle introduced me to a means whereby I was able to communicate, explore, and learn from myself in a manner that was immediately helpful. It was the practice of two-handed writing. It offered the promise of feeling awkward at first, but I was in dire straits and was ready and eager to try anything that would help me to help myself. That place of readiness allowed me to dive in and to do the work that got me off of ‘stop’ and headed toward a place that is not just hyperbole when I call it…transformed. Ironically, I even came to feel grateful for having crashed so hard to begin with, for it allowed me to find a way to change how I perceived myself. The work continues, as does its benefits. The exploration and the learning no longer feel like work as much as they appear now, simply, to be the way…

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