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About Dr. Kandle

Professional Profile Since 1989, Dr. Kandle has provided quality, compassionate care to adults, teenagers, children, couples and families in need. He understands the diversity of human nature and that there is no single treatment approach that is right for all. What everyone does require is respect, understanding, compassion, and privacy. His objective is to focus on the heart of the matter in very practical and goal-directed ways, with an emphasis on promoting self-sufficiency as quickly as possible. When necessary, he collaborates with other healthcare providers in order to develop an integrated plan of care.

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Specializing in providing therapy for people experiencing the effects of depression, anxiety, grief, trauma, sexual abuse, stress, anger, stress and conflict. Skills for more effective communication, emotional regulation, behavior management, parenting, stress management, conflict management, and self-esteem building are offered. Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), insight promotion, and self-healing techniques are the treatment orientations most often utilized.



Licensed Psychologist (#653) since 1992, NH Board of Psychologists

Doctor of Psychology (Psy.D), 1991 Pace University, New York, NY​

Master of Science in Education (M.S. Ed), 1989 Pace University, New York, NY

Bachelor of Arts, 1985 McGill University, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Client Appreciation

After coming to a hard stop without being able to get myself going again, Dr. Kandle introduced me to a means whereby I was able to communicate, explore, and learn from myself in a manner that was immediately helpful. It was the practice of two-handed writing. It offered the promise of feeling awkward at first, but I was in dire straits and was ready and eager to try anything that would help me to help myself. That place of readiness allowed me to dive in and to do the work that got me off of ‘stop’ and headed toward a place that is not just hyperbole when I call it…transformed. Ironically, I even came to feel grateful for having crashed so hard to begin with, for it allowed me to find a way to change how I perceived myself. The work continues, as does its benefits. The exploration and the learning no longer feel like work as much as they appear now, simply, to be the way…

J.K. Barrington, NH

At age 40 I found myself desperately needing to reconcile my abusive past with the life I was leading. I had tried traditional talk therapy, but was a little too good at talking and not very good at feeling. It became evident to me that I needed a different process. Dr. Kandle was the right person at the right time with the right process. When he first suggested that I get a notebook, colored pens, and be ready to write with my non-dominant hand, I rolled my eyes (to myself). Seriously? But I was in emotional pain and I was willing to do just about anything – even that. And so I entered into one of the most transformative experiences of my life. By accessing my inner family, I was able to bring those different parts of me to a place of reconciliation, I was able to integrate them. Today I do not suffer from the effects of PTSD. Through my work with Dr. Kandle, I have a full life and I no longer have a fractured inner self. I am whole.

J.F. Tucson, Arizona

Dr. Kandle’s methods were very effective during a time in my life when I had a “perfect storm” of crisis surrounding me. Through the skillful use of sub-selves, I was able to gently understand the inner family relationships that were tearing me apart and to embrace them.


I was skeptical of the two-handed method when I first used it, but subsequently I have found that is the fastest method to filter out conscious barriers and tap into my underlying motivations.


I am really impressed about using the two-handed writing. It has actually put me in contact with my inner child and had been very beneficial to me. We have whole conversations and I find myself being patient with my inner child, offering non-judgmental advice that I would never have thought of otherwise. I even showed my sister how to use it. It helps me to review what I have written in the past to see if recurring themes show up and to also see progress.


When I saw how readily Dr. Kandle understood and appreciated the paradoxes that I have struggled with, I knew I had the right guy. He taught me how to ask questions of myself that I had no idea I knew the answer to. Using his techniques, we were able to make rapid and steady progress. The growth that I have experienced is due in a meaningful part to working with Dr. Kandle. In addition to be an excellent “guide” through the process, he’s a bright, articulate person who cares deeply for his clients. I say “clients” purposefully because I never felt like a patient.


Several years ago, I had a sudden and unsettling experience that shook me to my core…and it happened inside my own head. I was instantly terrified and had no idea what to do. Thankfully, I was introduced to Dr. Michael Kandle. Dr. Kandle provided reassurance as he listened to my story. After a few sessions, he gently explained the theory behind a two-hand writing exercise and led me through the process. The first time I wrote to my “heart” with my right hand, I was absolutely stunned by what poured out of my left hand. It was instant access to my subconscious mind that had been neglected for my most of my life. Over the next few months, I discovered my relentless “judge”, my insecure “cynic”, my immature “rebel”, and eventually my sweet “nurturer” and capable “healer.” The process led me to discover repressed post-traumatic stress, previously unknown fears and much inwardly directed anger and judgment. Dr. Kandle’s approach made it safe for me to approach my inner family, explore their thoughts and feelings, and taught me how to nurture a tender soul that needed attention. For years after my counseling ended, whenever I was feeling unmanageable stress, I used the two-hand writing on my own to uncover the true source of my angst. It is an understatement to say that I am forever grateful to Dr. Kandle. I encourage you to use the Find Peace of Mind system so that you are able to connect your mind with your soul, and I hope that you, too, find long-lasting peace of mind.

Beyond grateful, LL

After dealing with major depression for almost 20 years, I was initially very skeptical about the two handed writing session and the possibility of getting any relief. But since I was so uncomfortable and had not found anything else that seemed to work, I gave it a try. I was surprised to find that it was difficult – not just the effort trying to write legibly with my left hand, but that it caused me to recognize that were many more parts to me than I had been willing to recognize, and that they had VALUE. The insight that I gained from the exercise, which continued over the next several years has given me extraordinary benefit – much, much more than the previous fifteen years of traditional therapy. This technique broke through the logjam that had me stuck, and has allowed me to learn how to cope with life’s tribulations and actually live , and not just exist as I had been doing for my entire adult life.


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