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Free Angelic Love

Updated: Oct 2

WANTED: Seeking Angel to offer unconditional love and understanding for every part of me. Must be accepting, free of judgment, and offer boundless empathy and compassion. Must also be able to soothe, affirm, praise, inspire, reassure, and heal - on demand, 24/7, payment in gratitude.

AVAILABLE: Angel, seeking lost and suffering soul in need of unconditional love, understanding, and comfort. Candidate must be willing to open the door to their heart, share their pain, then ask for and receive help. Candidate must also be able to receive understanding, empathy, compassion, grace, mercy, forgiveness, acceptance, affirmation, and reassurance. Willing and able to correspond in writing or visual imagination. Available on demand, 24/7. Payment in gratitude only. Inquire within or without.

Sound like a match made in heaven? There are times when we all need the kind of angelic love captured in these ads. If we’re lucky we can receive these types of love from people in our lives, but most of us don’t get as much as we need. When you find yourself needing a pure shot of heavenly comfort, think about contacting an angel.

Think of angels as simply being loving spirits. Loving spirits are everywhere, found in special people, within ourselves, perhaps in some heavenly dimension. It doesn’t matter where unconditional love comes from, only that we can receive it. Loving spirits are created in the relationship between open hearts, and this is an experience you can produce using your own two hands.

But first you need to find an angel for yourself. It might be a real person, either alive or one that has passed on. It might be one created through your imagination. Whatever the source, visualize the face of your angel in preparation for communicating with it. Now grab your journal and pens (see The Amazing Benefits of Two-Handed Writing).

Have your angel choose a pen with your non-dominant hand and you choose one with your dominant hand. With your dominant hand, begin with a greeting to your angel (as if meeting for the first time), then ask, Can we talk? Then listen and allow your angel to reply through your non-dominant hand.

Loving angels are always in the spirit to talk with us when we need them. Because of their unconditionally loving natures there’s no wrong way to communicate with angels. They understand and accept everything with empathy, compassion, and acceptance. It’s right there in the ad. Your angel will be pleased with anything and everything you say or ask. Don’t confuse your angel for a genie because they don’t grant worldly wishes. They do, however, respond to emotional and spiritual needs.

Writing with your angel is a great way for you to pour out your feelings without restraint. Take advantage of the opportunity to express all your fears, sadness, pain, confusion, and needs. Like professional therapists, you can trust that your angel will keep everything you share confidential. They can be entrusted with the confession of our faults, mistakes, guilt, and shame. Their understanding is complete and they are merciful in their compassion and forgiveness. Their grace is healing. No insurance copayments or deductibles required.

Using your dominant hand again, express anything and everything you need comfort or guidance for. Then decide what to ask your angel for in response. Consider these possibilities or identify your own.

Can you offer me some reassurance?

Can you offer me encouragement?

Can you offer me comfort?

Can you help me feel better?

Can you offer me understanding?

Can you offer me guidance?

Can you offer me affirmation?

Can you offer me approval?

Can you offer me admiration?

Can you offer me praise?

Can you offer me acceptance?

Can you offer me strength?

Can you offer me forgiveness?

Can you offer me hope?

After making each request, pause to listen for your angel's response, allowing it to be heard and written out through your non-dominant hand. When you're finished with your dialogue with your angel be sure to express your appreciation (angels appreciate appreciation). So now you have it for whenever you need it, Free Angelic Love.

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