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Free Angelic Love

Updated: Dec 15, 2023

WANTED FOR CORRESPONDENCE: Lost and lonely soul seeks Angel to provide unconditional love, understanding, acceptance, comfort, and healing.  Must be free of judgment and offer boundless empathy, compassion, and guidance.  The ideal correspondent will be available to communicate 24/7 and accept payment in gratitude.

AVAILABLE FOR CORRESPONDENCE: Angel ready and eager to provide unconditional love, understanding, acceptance, comfort, and healing to your lost and lonely soul.  Available to listen to all your pain, questions, and needs for which I possess boundless empathy, compassion, and guidance.  Available to correspond 24/7 in exchange for gratitude.

Sound like a match made in heaven?  Or perhaps a match between heaven and Earth?  The request may not be as fanciful as it sounds.  Communicating with a loving angel is not as difficult as most of us think.   But first it’s important to understand what an angel is. 

Think of angels simply as loving spirits.  Loving spirits are everywhere, found within the hearts of loving people and within our own loving hearts here on Earth. It could be available from a Divine plane or from a beloved pet.  It doesn’t matter where we think unconditional angelic love comes from, only that we can find a way to receive it, and the spirit of angelic love can be received within the context of any soulful relationship.  Below you will find a way to begin corresponding with an angel using your own two hands.

The first step is to find yourself an angel.  It could be a loving person that is alive or has passed on.  It might be one you create through your imagination.  Take a moment to close your eyes and invite your angel to show an image of their loving face to you.  If their face is unfamiliar to you, ask for their name.  Take as much time as you need for this until you sense you’re in the presence of a spirit that loves you completely.  

Once you’ve found the image of your loving angel, grab some colored pens and a journal to write in.  Let your angel select a pen using your non-dominant hand, then you choose a pen with your dominant hand.  With your dominant hand, start your communication with your angel by writing down the questions, Can we talk?

Angels are always excited to communicate with us when we need them.  Because they are unconditionally loving, you can express anything to them without fear of judgment.  As long as you're speaking from your heart your angel will be eager to listen and respond.  So after asking your angel, Can we talk?, just listen and let your angel respond using its pen through your non-dominant hand.  Once your angel affirms its willingness to communicate with you, the rest is just as easy.

With your dominant hand, tell your angel what you're going through, what you’re feeling, and what you’re needing.  Once you’ve expressed what you need to to your angel, then you can ask it to respond to you.  Below are some of the requests that angels excel at responding to.  After writing out whichever request is important to you in the moment, pause, listen, and allow your angel’s response to come through your non-dominant hand again.

Can you offer me reassurance? 

Can you offer me encouragement?

Can you offer me comfort?

Can you help me feel better?

Can you offer me understanding?

Can you offer me guidance?

Can you offer me affirmation?

Can you offer me approval?

Can you offer me admiration?

Can you offer me praise?

Can you offer me acceptance?

Can you offer me strength?

Can you offer me forgiveness?

Can you offer me hope?

There may be times when you don’t have any questions or requests for your angel, but simply pouring the contents of your heart out to it in your journal alone can be comforting.  

After finishing each dialogue with your angel, be sure to express your appreciation to it (angels rejoice in gratitude).  This strangeness of this unusual method of communication will shortly fade and in its place will grow the comfort of a new relationship will feel more and more natural. 

And there you have it, free angelic love within your own two hands.

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