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Raindrop and Flower Talk About Death

Raindrop landed gently onto one of Flower’s soft, yellow petals.

Flower - Greetings Raindrop, and thanks for dropping by. I could really use the company right now. Welcome to my petal and tell me about your journey.

Raindrop - I’ve been falling and falling, just terrified and sad. I used to live with family and friends in that cloud way up there. Alas, my time was up and now I’m falling to my death. Once I slide off your petal and touch the ground I will cease to exist for all eternity!

Flower - Poor Raindrop, I know exactly how you feel because I was suffering the same feelings upon my own pending demise. However, I’ve got some reassuring news for you! You see, from my vantage point in this garden I’ve been able to observe your water family rising and falling all spring, so I assure you that you’ll never cease to exist once you touch the ground. You water folks bring life to me and every other living thing in sight, and eventually you complete your journeys back to the great sea. That’s where you all came from originally and from what I’ve heard it’s a paradise where you all meet again in peace and harmony. I’m sure you’ll remember it once you get back there and all will be well. But then you’ll leave your sea home once again by turning into a vapor and rising back up into the sky to find new cloud homes, family and friends like the ones you just bid farewell to. After a while it’ll be time to fall down again, but you don’t cease to exist eternally, you continue to exist eternally! You guys get to keep changing and traveling between your different homes and families in the sea, sky, and land. We’ve concluded that there’s something about rising and falling through the sky that wipes out your memories because when your stay is over you fret and think your life is over. The same thing happens when your time comes to evaporate from the sea again. The reality, Teardrop, is that you don’t need to fret because it’s not over for you. The changes are always scary and sad, but you’ll actually be returning to places you've already been to on countless occasions, eventually reuniting with your loved ones. Boy do we ground dwellers envy you!

Teardrop - Oh my goodness Flower! That’s one of the most comforting things I’ve ever been told about death. I’m beginning to weep tears of relief and joy. Thank you so much! Now, why did you say you were feeling just as I just was a moment ago, and why on Earth do you envy us?

Flower - Well, as you can see, my petals are beginning to soften and wilt, which will be the beginning of the end for me. As soon as my last petal hits the ground I will be meeting my own death for all eternity.

Teardrop - No, no, no, don’t be silly! Sorry, that was insensitive. What I mean is that you needn’t fret either. You see, from our cloud we have the vantage point to witness how your land families live and change over time. When your petals hit the ground they become part of a nutritious compost that feeds new growth, from the moss to the giant Sequoias and everything in between! Your “deaths” are merely moments of rebirth in new forms of life. You become part of life underground, above ground, and even part of the animal families you see all over these parts. You keep reuniting with past loved ones and meeting new ones. This wise mushroom named Albert explained to us that you go back and forth between different forms of matter and energy without ever being destroyed. You guys are part of the same cycle of eternity that you observe is true for us! Of course these changes are scary and sad, but you don’t need to fret any more than we need to. Eternity sure is mysterious. Apparently none of our lives completely end, they just change form.

Flower - My goodness Raindrop, now it is my turn to weep tears of relief and joy. I thank you from the bottom of my heart. How lucky we are to have met and had this marvelous exchange.

Raindrop - It has been a gift and an honor Flower. And I just had the most marvelous sense of deja vu.

Flower - Really? That’s so funny because I was just overcome by a sense that we’ll be meeting again one day. Until then, bon voyage my dear friend. {joyful tear}

Raindrop - Bon voyage to you as well my friend. {joyful tear}

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