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Your Most Beautiful Smile

We live in an age where virtually everyone is in possession of a camera at all times. That means being summoned to smile for them more than ever. Some people smile comfortably when cameras are pointed at them, while others feel awkward and must force themselves to “pose” as best they can. Forced smiles often don’t look natural and they can be a source of embarrassment (I used to belong in this camp, but no more). Fortunately there is a simple way to coax your most beautiful smile out whenever you need to.

Sooner or later, everyone dies. When it’s our turn there will be loved ones who will want to preserve their loving memories of us. Often they’ll go to their photo library to reminisce and bring these loving memories back to life. Think about what you’d like them to see and how you’d like them to feel when they see your pictures. Happy smiles are nice, however – it is the look of love that is the source of our most beautiful smiles. So think of your pictures as valuable reminders of how much you love the people who love you. Yes, they may feel sad seeing your pictures, but their sadness will be sweetened when they see your loving image gazing back at them.

If you’re a younger person who can’t yet imagine anyone who might be sad when you pass, imagine posing for older loved ones who will pass before you. Think of how they might be sad and frightened on their deathbed, and imagine the kind of loving face you’d like them to see in their final days.

So remember whenever someone points a camera at you, you don’t need to pretend to be happy. Think of how you want your loved ones to feel when it counts the most, and see their faces behind that lens. Your face and your smile will then reflect the natural beauty that lies in your heart.

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